Thursday, April 19, 2012

Note to self: Where are my graduate school professors?

I've had computer science education on my brain lately (more thoughts on that later) and just spent a few minutes to track down a few professors I spent a lot of time with in graduate school at the University of Alabama in the late '80s... Two are still in academia, while one left for IBM @ RTP six months before I did...

  • Dr. Yeager, Programming Languages, master's project, probably more

  • Dr. Chung, Compiler Construction, special project to build a Prolog-subset interpreter

  • Dr. Swiniarski, System Programming, Computability

The main thing I remember from System Programming is that Dr. Swiniarski assigned a mammoth project to write a simple language interpreter with macro facility, to be implemented in C, x86 assembler, and S/370 assembler. It has always seemed funny-odd that we were forced to spend so much time on language interpreter issues for this class while Dr. Chung required a lot of attention to buffer management in Compiler Construction.

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