Friday, September 28, 2012

College dropout

Quite a while back I had signed up for some Coursera offerings which were off in the distant future. Around ten days ago I started getting boatloads of e-mails as several of the classes started. I've had plenty to keep me busy, including preparation for a couple of upcoming ApacheCon EU talks, so I dropped all but Functional Programming Principles in Scala. I've mostly caught up over the last several days.

After I left full-time employment earlier in the year, MOOCs were exactly what I needed for a change in perspective and a structured way to acquire useful knowledge, but there are a number of projects I want to develop, and eventually I need to create something that generates income, so I'll have to exercise a lot of restraint when I see interesting class offerings.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Practice vs. deliberate practice, re-spinned?

Errors vs. Bugs and the End of Stupidity

After playing for familiarity comes the real work: listening critically and fixing the bugs, one at a time. This is obvious, but too often it isn't the way we approach a mediocre level of performance. It takes time to resolve, but time shouldn't be the focus. Etc.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New versions of mod_whatkilledus and mod_backtrace

A couple of weeks ago I started playing around on Windows to learn how to get backtraces programatically, as the first step to getting mod_whatkilledus and mod_backtrace working on that platform.

This afternoon I finished testing a rewrite of the two modules and hurriedly put together a distribution zip and documentation on the web. Yea!